New Coins and Photos Coming Soon

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New Coins and Photos Coming  Soon

In August and September I backpacked around Southeast Asia with my cousin for 6 weeks – from Bangkok to Hong Kong.  We had a great time exploring a part of the world we’ve both never really seen before. Going from small hill tribe villages, to riding scooters in crazy Vietnamese traffic and walking around the towering buildings of Hong Kong and Singapore. And taking lots of photos along the way. (more…)

New Website Design

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New Website Design

I wasn’t liking the layout and design of my website, so I decided to completely redo it. And now after working on it for about 5 days straight it’s finally finished. I’ve updated it to give it a cleaner look, with larger images and to make it easier to find everything. I’ve also updated all my galleries and geocoin information, though will continue to update those over the next few days to make sure all the images are high quality. (more…)

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