Celtic Sword & Shield Geocoins

  • Released: June 2015
  • Produced by CW88's Geocoins
  • 820 Made: 350 Shields (50 of each), 470 Swords - 65 Antique Gold, 115 Antique Silver, 115 Antique Copper, 65 Antique Bronze, 65 Shiny Gold, 45 LE Shiny Gold/Antique Silver .
  • Size: 2.25 inches (Shield), 3.5 inches (Sword)
  • Thickness: 13mm (Shield), 3mm (Sword)
  • Highly Detailed 3D
  • Trackable on www.geocaching.com
  • Custom Icon
  • Availability: On Sale ON SALE


Being half Scottish, the theme for this coin is one I've wanted to do for a while. And after discovering a new way the coins can be made (with an additional part attached on top of the base coin) I managed to come up with a design I felt worked well for a multi-part coin.

The front side of the Shield coin is based on old Scottish Targe shields, though modified a bit to work better with this design. It features Celtic designs and has a hole through part of the coin, so that the sword can fit through it. These all have translucent enamels, and some have two tone finishes.

The back of the coin features the Waddell family Coat of Arms, with the family motto 'Orna Verum' meaning 'Adorn the Truth'.

The Sword coin is completely 3D and is based on the Claymore swords. It also features Celtic designs, though again altered the design slightly (with the lion head) to show my connection growing up in Africa. The swords are made of stamped copper, to achieve the Antique/Shiny two tone finishes.

All the Shields and Swords are trackable on Geocaching.com and all share the same custom icon. They also come in custom made velvet bags which feature the Waddell family Coat of Arms on them too.



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