Courageous Lion Geocoins

  • Released: July 2016
  • Produced by CW88's Geocoins
  • 585 Made: 40 Green/Black, 50 Green/Blue, 40 Pink/Purple, 50 Red/Yellow/Silver, 40 Multi Coloured, 40 Red/Yellow/Gold, 50 Red/Black, 40 Black/White/Glow, 50 Dark/Light Blue, 40 Light/Dark Blue, 40 Purple/Green, 50 Copper/Green, 30 Two Tone Antique Copper/Silver, 25 Antique Gold/Bronze Artist Edition.
  • Size: 2 inches
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Highly Detailed 3D Lion Head on 2D coin
  • Trackable on
  • Custom Icon
  • Availability: On Sale ON SALE


This design on this was initially inspired by Namibia - with the sand dunes and trees of Deadvlei as the main design for the back. Along with the desert elephants and antelope for the rest of the design.

And the front was mostly inspired by one of my favourite illustrators Andreas Reis, but with my twist on it, with a 3D lion head and some other small animal heads surrounding it.

As lions often symbolize courage, that was the word I chose to use for the design. And along with that a quote from Susan Jeffers on the back.

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