Global Nomad Geocoin

  • Released: June 2014
  • Produced by CW88's Geocoins
  • 368 Made:  40 Antique Silver v.1 (Translucent), 40 Antique Silver v.2 (Non-Translucent), 40 Antique Gold, 40 Antique Copper, 35 Satin Silver v.1 (Translucent), 35 Satin Silver v.2 (Non-Translucent), 30 Black Nickel/Glow, 25 Satin Gold/Black (Fundraiser v.1), Two Tone Shiny Gold/Black Nickel/Glow (Fundraiser v.2), 3 Black Nickel/Red, 15 Shiny Copper/Black, 1 Satin Gold/Red (One of a Kind 'OAK' Edition), 1 Satin Gold/Green (OAK Edition), 1 Satin Gold/Purple (OAK Edition), 1 Satin Gold/Light Blue Pearl (OAK Edition), 1 Satin Gold/Dark Blue Pearl (OAK Edition)
  • Size: 2 inches
  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Highly Detailed 3D
  • Trackable on
  • Custom Icon
  • Availability: SOLD OUT


Being British and having mainly grown up in Southern and Eastern Africa, I wanted to make a 3D coin based on that part of the world. And having lived in different countries and travelled a lot, and being a 'Global Nomad' I wanted to use that idea for a coin as well.

So I designed this large (and heavy) highly detailed 3D coin, with a detailed 3D topographic map on the front. On the back are common icons associated with travel, as well as a quote around a compass rose design.

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