Egyptian Scarab Geocoin

  • Released: September 2012
  • Produced by
  • 300 Made: 50 Blue/Antique Silver, 50 Green/Antique Copper, 50 Red/Antique Gold, 25 ‘Glow’/Black Nickel (Limited Edition), 25 Red/Antique Silver, 25 Purple/ Antique Silver, 20 Blue/Copper, 10 Blue/Black Nickel (Limited Edition),  10 Pink/Black Nickel (Limited Edition), 10 Yellow/Black Nickel (Limited Edition), 10 Orange/Satin Silver (Artist Edition), 10 Black/Satin Gold (Artist Edition)
  • Size: 2 inches
  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Detailed 3D coin with Soft Translucent Enamels.
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  • Availability: SOLD OUT


The Egyptian Scarab Geocoin is based on the Egyptain God Khepri (meaning to emerge of come into being), one of the Gods of creation, the movement of the sun and rebirth – and would often take the form of a scarab beetle. The ancient Egyptians believed that the scarab/dung beetle was special, as it would lay its eggs in a ball of dung and push it along the ground, and the young beetles would eventually emerge from the ball as if created from nothing.

Believing that these beetles were created from dead matter, the dung beetle was strongly associated with rebirth, renewal and resurrection, and scarab amulets would often be buried with the dead the ensure the rebirth of the deceased in the afterlife. The Egyptians also made a connection between the movement of the sun across the sky and the movement of the ball of dung pushed by the beetle.

One myth suggests that Khepri pushed the sun across the sky ahead of him, and that this movement was constant. Every night, Khepri would push the sun down into the underworld, and every morning the sun would emerge again and travel across the sky.

Small remint with new versions coming late 2013!

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