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On this page you can see designs that are currently in progress (from basic artwork to sample photos), and coins that are soon to be released.

*Please note that the dates given are just estimates and are likely to change due to possible production or shipping delays.

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Seahorse Geocoin/Pendant

My next design will a Seahorse coin that can also be turned into a pendant.


These coins will measure 2 inches tall, 3mm thick and feature textured metal designs under the enamel (a mix of geometric/symmetrical patterns, along with some paisely designs). They will also have a small hole at the top so they can be turned into pendants or be used on keyrings.

These will be available in a variety of different finishes and colours, and probably start off being fairly limited depending on interest. Samples will be available in late February, and the final trackable coins will hopefully be on sale by late March.







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