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In August and September I backpacked around Southeast Asia with my cousin for 6 weeks – from Bangkok to Hong Kong.  We had a great time exploring a part of the world we’ve both never really seen before. Going from small hill tribe villages, to riding scooters in crazy Vietnamese traffic and walking around the towering buildings of Hong Kong and Singapore. And taking lots of photos along the way.

We both returned with hundred of gigabytes of photos and video, which will keep us both busy for a while. We’ve been back a little over 8 weeks and still have hundreds of files still to go through and edit. So once I get through a few more photos I’ll start adding some of those pictures on my site in new galleries, and hopefully add a few blog posts on about our travels in each country. For now you can see a few of the ones I’ve gone through so far on 500px.

Hong Kong


And there’s still lots of videos to go through and edit too. As well as our DSLR cameras we both took our GoPro cameras with a variety of mounts, to film different activities each day when we weren’t taking photos. This is a quick video on part of our trip through Thailand and Laos. More videos of the other countries will hopefully be made soon.

And for the Geocoins: I’ve just added the most recent coins to the geocoin page and updated their information and photos. Most of which are still available from my new webstore.




I also have some new and slightly ambitious coin designs in the works that will probably test the factories a bit, with some complex and complicated designs made of multiple parts. A preview of one of the first drafts of my new Celtic Shield coin can be seen below – though it’s already had to change slightly due to the complicated design. And with Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year coming up, I’m sure they’ll take much longer to produce than I’m hoping. But I’ll keep people up to date on my Facebook Page with regular updates as I have them.
3D slot small


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