Below is a collection of photos taken on my trip with Tatra Photography in Southern Iceland on their Land of Fire and Ice Workshop. This was my first trip to Iceland, and after visiting it once, it's a place I'm going to want to visit quite a few more times. The landscapes there are very unique and unusual compared to anywhere I've been before - coming in to land at Keflavik Airport it looked like you were landing on another planet. We had a week there, spending the first few days in Skogar at the foot of the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano and Glacier (with some warnings of another possible eruption). There we were able to visit the nearby waterfalls (Skogarfoss and Seljalandsfoss), the black sand beaches and sea stacks, the Thingvellir National Park (where the tectonic plates meet), and the plane wreck nearby with some offroading in the superjeep up and down the sand dunes at sunset. We were also quite lucky to see a 5 hour display of the Northern Lights. Our last few days were spent further East by the Vatnajokull Glacier and Skaftafell National Park. There we saw Svartifoss (a unique waterfall surrounded by lava columns), the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon and black sand beach, and also another brief view of the Northern Lights though they weren't as strong and were covered up by clouds after a while.


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